OLI returns with her latest dose of catharsis ‘Don’t Give Up’

Yet again providing a voice of reassurance for the tenderhearted, London based singer-songwriter OLI has returned with her latest dose of catharsis in the new single ‘Don’t Give Up’.


With a cool combination of deep bass and floaty synths supporting OLI’s sedative vocals, the single came as a result of the common experiences shared in 2020 and the sheer resilience OLI observed amongst people as they went through the year. Speaking of the inspiration behind the song, OLI said: “I think last year a lot of the feeling was just to keep going and keep your head above water. I felt that around me a lot, friends losing jobs, experiencing periods of bad mental health and somehow pushing on. It made me realise how resilient people are and how little they give themselves credit for it.


She continues: “I wanted the song to show that, to feel like a voice inside your head letting you know everything will be alright. That we are in this together. If anything, I hope the listener feels a little encouraged after hearing the song.”


The song has arrived with an equally luscious music video. Shot in Finland, OLI handed over the reins to Finland based director Heini Susanne to create the visually stunning video, which sees a weary traveller lost in the snow-covered woods, battling his inner demons as he tries to find refuge. OLI said: “I knew we didn’t need to be near to create something great together. The music video was actually filmed in Finland without me there. I wanted Heini to feel like she could do/try whatever she thought would look unique, instead of me instructing her on what I wanted.” 

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