Oliver Pinder releases the thought-provoking ‘pretty faces’

‘pretty faces’ is the gritty new single from British singer-songwriter Oliver Pinder. In the track, the artists dives into themes of social media anxiety, and the disconnect that comes with constant connection. The title and lyrical content centre around the lack of realism within these platforms and how it can affect your perception of yourself. Oliver brings these themes to our attention through rich and distorted guitar riffs, energised drums, plucky melodies and passionate vocals.

The artist adds, “I wrote this song with my friend Jacob, since I was quite young I have always been quite jealous of other people’s looks, characteristics and I have continuously been self conscious particularly in the social media world – scrolling down socials can be a really toxic place. That’s exactly what this one is about, feeling envious of people’s looks and happy feed friendly lifestyles

This one is like nothing I’ve made before, we really went hard on the production to symbolise the anger and emotion within the lyrics.

It’s so fun to play live, it’s a little ridiculous, when the room is there, I’ve been caught standing on the odd bar or table, it’s a little silly, but I LOVE IT”

22-year-old Oliver Pinder recently made a resounding return to the music scene in October 2022. ‘Stressed’ saw him shift from dark indie-folk to alternative pop anthems and heartfelt piano ballads. Through this new sound, the Bradford-raised artist hopes to capture the contemporary anxieties of the younger generation.

Oliver has always found solace in music, with his talent and passion nurtured throughout his childhood. At the age of 12 Oliver lost his father, which further fuelled his determination to pursue music, meaning by his mid-teens he was already opening for established artists. Following this came his debut EP ‘Potential, I Guess?’ which set the stage for a promising future, one that is coming to fruition as his second EP and UK headline tour take shape.

‘pretty faces’ is out now, give it a listen here: