Original Pairs transcends with new album ‘Long Play’

Legendary for their unearthly fusion of pop fusion, indie, garage, and rock n’ roll, Canadian rock revival group Original Pair has just dropped their eagerly awaited new album, ‘Long Play’.

Across the course of the eight tracks, Original Pairs transports listeners to the epicentre of garage, rockabilly, and psychedelia while showcasing their solid band foundation.

As the album progresses, the voices glide over the polished tracks with ease, combining mainstream-friendly nostalgia with modern features. Co-producer and engineer John Dinsmore’s evocative surroundings produced incredible songs with a huge, live, and expressive sound that gave ‘Long Play’ a crunchy and crispy rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

With a collection of songs that are both deeply personal and universally relatable, ‘Long Play’ demonstrates the group’s versatility as a musician.

Reflecting on the release, Original Pairs shares, “Rock ‘n ‘roll is nearly dead, so we need to revive it. That means saying what you mean, playing what you play sweating it out, live off the floor. No clicks, no comps, no edits, no cynical force-fed, second-guessed crap.”

Listen to ‘Long Play’ and immerse yourself in the fantastic genre-binding of garage, rockabilly, and psychedelia, where the only constant is exhilarating change.