Our Violet Room’s ‘Falling’ Details Heartbreak in an Upbeat, Indie-Rock Form

Our Violet Room’s newest release candidly talks through the turmoil of trying to move forward after a breakup. 

With indie rock sensibilities and thoughtful candor, Our Violet Room’s ‘Falling’ is a deceivingly upbeat song about the pain of heartbreak. ‘Falling,’ which is the fifth single released in anticipation for Our Violet Room’s (Matthew Birch) debut album, shares the details of a crumbled relationship. Singing through his emotions, Birch is honest about where he’s at after the breakup. He bares all his confusion and pain upfront and attempts to deal with it. He explains that the song was about “talking [himself] through the end of a relationship,” and by engaging in “self-talk” through the song, he was able to move on.

 Finding empowerment and a new stride, the song ends on a positive and peaceful note. “Falling” is the fifth track off of Birch’s upcoming debut album, Not Where I Thought I’d Be. The 7-track album chronologically details the story of a relationship from its bright beginnings to its bitter end.