Papa Aashi unveils funky groove track ‘boyz II men’

Amsterdam-based artist, Papa Aashi is trailblazing a developing field of European Hip-Hop. Originating from Kazakhstan and Ireland, this Brussels-born musician was moulded in a cultural melting pot. His surroundings, romances, friends and lifestyle have affected his creativity and writing style in a new and refreshing way.

Aashi expresses his deepest sentiments through his storytelling verses and takes the listener through the darker corners of his mind, whilst tip-toeing through fun, groovy flows and his own genre-bending production style.

His new release, “boyz II men”, exudes a funky, groovy dance flair that instantly draws comparisons to Kendrick Lamar’s “These Walls”. However, Papa Aashi elevates the experience by infusing his own signature groove timbre and melodies. Fans familiar with Aashi’s work will find comfort in the artist’s consistent delivery of infectious beats and captivating melodies.

One of the standout features of “Boyz II Men” is its chant-worthy chorus, a musical hook that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended. The verses, delivered with an undeniably smooth flair, showcase Papa Aashi’s prowess in crafting a well-rounded musical experience. The seamless transition between the chorus and verses adds to the overall appeal of the track.