‘Passing By Hours’ is a delightful way to start the new week, with vibrant instrumentals and smooth vocals from Freddy Monday

Freddy Monday is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer and owner of Endo Music, an award winning music production and publishing company.

Endo Music won the ASCAP Screen Music Awards for Top Television Series.

Born and raised on Long Island, Monday has worked with a bountiful variety of music industry pros both on stage and in the studio.

He has just released his new single ‘Passing By Hours’ on all streaming and download platforms.

Freddy’s new single is a delightful and uplifting way to start the new week, with vibrant instrumentals and smooth vocals that make this a feel good song that radiates positive vibes.

The track performed and produced by Freddy delivers a mix of 70s hippie feel with a cool driving alternative vibe.

Monday’s ear for melody and harmony come bold to the forefront on this sunny love song.

The songs lyrics capture the sense of romantic loss, then takes an emotional U-turn.

Monday will celebrate the release with a special live performance at the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame in Stony Brook on April 21.

For the intimate 3 pm show Freddy will be performing many tunes from his catalogue.

Prior to the performance, the Hall will be airing the official music video for ‘Passing By Hours’ on their big screen.

The Hall of Fame is currently hosting the Billy Joel/My Life exhibit which can be viewed that day as well.

Filmed at a few sunflower fields on Long Island’s east end, the video depicts a relationship that has wilted but finds it’s way back to full bloom.