Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest Present ‘Psalms Symphony’

If you’re ready to explore rich, musical textures with much depth, then ‘Psalms Symphony’ by Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest is your ticket! Peter Jonatan is an accomplished pianist and composer who resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.  With a deep background in classical and jazz compositions, Jonatan is able to blend different styles to make up one invigorating sound.  Prepare to discover a world that is full of bright notes and marvellous tones on ‘Psalms Symphony’.  Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest cover a wide musical spectrum on this new release, so get ready to dive in and immerse yourself in ‘Psalms Symphony’ in all its glory.

The album contains four well-constructed compositions and each number has its own identity and distinct qualities.  We start up with “Movement 1” and right away I pick up on a cinematic effect that surrounds my ears immediately.  This BIG, entertaining sensation also offers a wonderful arrangement and orchestration.  Pure magic is flowing into your eardrums on “Movement 1” and it’s all very exciting!  This composition is elegant & enchanting while providing fine-tuned instrumentation and just superb direction overall.  We head into “Movement 2” next and get more of a low-key approach that is beautifully played.  This number is soothing to the ears and is one soul-stirring performance to say the least. Precious moments are captured musically on “Movement 2” as Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest take you on a fulfilling journey.  “Movement 3” is up next, and this incredible voyage continues with Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest enticing your musical palette.  These accomplished musicians are giving the audience a phenomenal performance for the ages on “Movement 3”.  Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest end on a high note
with “Movement 4”.  This strong finale is fun & loose in nature where you get the sense to just roll with the punches.  I have to add that there are also powerful vocals on display here that certainly deserve
recognition.  The music certainly speaks for itself on “Movement 4” and it is all absolutely sublime.

I am very impressed with the efforts here on ‘Psalms Symphony’ as the music truly entertained me.  Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest are definitely on my radar now and I will be eager to explore more material
in the near future.  With masterful compositions that are colorful & creative, ‘Psalms Symphony’ would be an excellent addition to your personal playlist.  This album is available on all digital platforms and
also has a limited CD for sale.  Peter Jonatan & Metropole Orkest have created a true masterpiece with ‘Psalms Symphony’, so be sure to check it out!

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