Peter Sandberg creates an intimate alt-pop sound on his new track ‘Warm Cold Hands’.

Peter Sandberg proves that he is a master of neo-classical composition with a stirring new alt-pop track ‘Warm Cold Hands’ featuring Jake Isaac. Lamenting piano melodies build to create an ambient soundscape, rich with beats and bass. Jake Isaac’s vocals are both touching and rough at the edges, creating an authentic and intimate sound that is catchy yet heart-wrenching.

Discussing the new release, Peter Sandberg shares: “When creating Warm Cold Hands, Jake and I discussed the joy of summer, how life and nature are at their peaks, and what a relief it is to escape the harshness of winter. The song turned out to be a song of encouragement – even though it might not look like it, things will get better. We wrote it online together during the lockdowns, me in Sweden where there wasn’t one, and Jake in the UK where there was, so it’s a reflection of that too.”