Phoebe Hall releases infectious new single ‘Secrets’

It’s fair to say that Phoebe Hall has had a warm reception from her music, receiving support from the likes of Record Of The Day, Noctis Magazine and Earmilk for her previous single ‘Through The Phone.’ However, she’s determined more than ever to level up her music, and she’s done just that in her latest single ‘Secrets.’ Originally from York, Phoebe Hall’s music is a melting pot of different influences – her music transcending genre barriers, making her a rising star in the bedroom-pop scene. Phoebe writes with honesty and she hopes to create a space in which her audience can find solace.

‘Secrets’ is an irresistible offering. Chorus-soaked guitars provide the perfect foundation for the track. Beneath lies minimal but effective production that cuts through the mix, reverberating energy around the track. Phoebe’s vocals land on top of the mix softly but are packed with energy and emotion, narrating her well-penned lyrics perfectly and entices us in further.

Speaking on the new single, Phoebe Hall shares:

“‘Secrets’ was probably the hardest one to write. I remember feeling quite drained emotionally after writing this as it explored feelings in a way I never had done before. We did a lot of contemplation when writing the record and I think I discovered feelings I hadn’t realised I felt and here it was anger around my past relationship and being hidden in it.”

Phoebe’s set to release her debut ‘Runaway’ EP in November, which covers various messages but is overall a deep dive into queer love and the challenges/beauties of that. Phoebe’s debut EP was recorded, produced and co-written by Northern production duo SOAP who have worked on an array of projects that have garnered over 20 million Spotify plays and over 20 songs supported by Radio 1 from DJs Jack Saunders, Molly King and Gemma Bradley.