Plain Mister Smith Releases Mysterious Blend of Folk and Pop with ‘El Presidente’

The enigmatic and elusive musician known as Plain Mister Smith just unveiled his latest creation, ‘El Presidente’, featuring the soothing vocal talents of Findlay Brown. Nestled within the indie-folk genre, Plain Mister Smith has carved out a distinct niche with his unique songwriting and remarkable musicality.

The story of Plain Mister Smith is as enigmatic as the artist himself. While the origins of this musical persona remain shrouded in mystery, we do know that it all began with a curious encounter. Mark Jowett, the man behind Plain Mister Smith, woke up one day to find a man in a pinstriped suit with a peculiarly globular head looking at him. Whether it was an apparition, a mysterious stranger, or a musical persona come to life, no one can say for sure. But one thing is clear – this encounter ignited the spark of a new musical project, giving birth to Plain Mister Smith.

The latest release, ‘El Presidente’, sees Plain Mister Smith at the peak of his musical prowess. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Elliot Smith, his music is characterized by its wit and uniqueness. With the addition of Findlay Brown’s soothing vocals, ‘El Presidente’ offers an eclectic mix of entrancing instrumentals. The song features intricate, almost Latin-inspired acoustic guitar chords and arpeggios as the driving force behind its musical progression. A touch of cello and synthesized pads adds depth and harmonics to the composition. What sets this track apart is its unpredictability and aloofness in its delivery and rhythm, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

Lyrically, ‘El Presidente’ delves into the persona of a former record label president with whom Plain Mister Smith had the privilege of working. The song alludes to the president’s unique panache and unwavering belief in the artist, even when nobody else shared the same sentiment. It’s a touching tribute to the support and opportunities that played a crucial role in Plain Mister Smith’s journey.

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