PREMIERE: South African-Australian artist releases new pop song + video “Luvbomb”


South African-Australian indie pop artist Guard is back with his latest single “Luvbomb” – a sultry, mind-bending track that explores the psychology behind relationship toxicity. The track is accompanied by a trippy music video that takes the audience on a journey into Guard’s mind and explores themes like disassociation, substance abuse, and alter egos.

In “Luvbomb,” Guard delves into the concept of love bombing, a manipulative tactic often associated with narcissism, where one person dumps all of their affection on another and then dramatically takes it all away. Guard explores the topic to understand how the behavior stems from deep insecurity based on trauma. Although he has never consciously love-bombed someone, he admits that certain behaviors, such as being over-complimentary and overly generous, can be perceived this way.

The music video for “Luvbomb” is a stark visual contrast to the upbeat sonic journey of the song and is the first single from his forthcoming album, “it was all a meme…”, which he describes as a love letter to his meme fans.

Guard honored us to premiere the video release a few hours before its official release. Check below: