PREMIERE: Don Gog’s Debut EP is a Genre Blending Masterpiece

Don Gog, the mysterious Swedish artist and producer, delves into the realms of artificial intelligence and the dichotomy between humanity and technology in his debut EP ‘Cybernetics’. Drawing inspiration from trip-hop, jazz, and electronica, the EP offers a cinematic, captivating voyage into Don Gog’s universe, prioritizing a fusion of music and visuals over the persona of the artist.

Throughout the EP, we are immersed in the kaleidoscopic realm of Don Gog’s expertise as both a producer and an artist. Seamlessly contradicting the EP’s theme of man versus machine, Don Gog skilfully blends conventional instruments with electronic elements, crafting an immersive, futuristic, and harmonious fusion where humanity and technology unite in brilliance.

Special mention is warranted for the EP’s focus track ‘Tilt‘ a light-hearted standout amidst the otherwise sombre undertones of the EP. Sampling comedian Jasper Redd’s TV special ‘Jazz Talk’, the track creates a whimsical, lo-fi, and ethereal musical landscape, adorned with scratch techniques, trumpet samples, and cosmic sound effects. ‘Tilt’ serves as a testament to Don Gog’s exceptional creativity, showcasing his eclectic musical influences that permeate throughout the EP.

For fans of Roots Manuva, Portishead, or Massive Attack, ‘Cybernetics’ offers a conceptual odyssey—a flawless soundtrack for study sessions or a transformative journey into uncharted realms. Don’t miss out on experiencing ‘Cybernetics’ on all major streaming platforms today, along with its captivating visual counterparts. Check the mesmerising music videos for ‘I Feel’ and ‘Q’, directed by the renowned fashion photographer Fofo Altinell below.