Premiere: Erika Day - 'Little Sinner'

Premiere: Erika Day – ‘Little Sinner’

Born and raised in the fertile artistic landscape of Portland, Oregon, Erika Day has been surrounded by music and creativity her whole life. With a natural desire pulling her onwards into the music realm, Day has found a instinctive fit singing with local artists of all genres – most notably backing up Trinidadian artist, Blossom.

Now, Erika Day is stepping up to centre stage with her own musical creations, and today she unleashes the captivating ‘Little Sinner‘. A moody gem, built upon producer Palm Dat‘s stretched and manipulated tones that sound like mournful howls, Day’s treacly tones lament her complex feelings. She’s sprung over the titular ‘Little Sinner‘; “summer sunshine when I’m with you/ I don’t care about time, forget the curfew,” but her happiness is far a simple fact; she seems to be in conflict with herself: “I don’t miss you/ I don’t miss you/ I don’t miss you/ I don’t want you to leave.” Listen to ‘Little Sinner‘ below.

The cultured and consuming track makes us impatient for more to come from Erika Day, hopefully coming in the near future. Keep up with Erika’s new music and the tracks she’s digging on her Soundcloud.

Photo credit: Victoria Roccaforte



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