PREMIERE: Minx and Dusal release summertime track ‘Who Knows?’

Rising duo Minx and Dusal have just shared their new single ‘Who Knows?’, pulling together an array of playful sounds that will uplift you from the first listen. Uniting Minx’s gritty edge with Dusal’s vibrant production, the pair have matched their unique musical abilities perfectly to create something really stand-out. 

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Minx explains: “It’s very much based on personal experience, love, loss and ridiculous men. My love of strong women in Disco and 90s hip-hop is apparent in my vocal stylings. Taking leaves out of the books of artists such as Fonda Rae, Cheryl Lynn, Lil Kim and Bahamadia.”

Dusal also notes: “The music is an ecclectic mix of many of the styles I love. There’s elements from Tropical House, Afroswing, Jazz and Classical genres. I think after studying many forms of music for the best part of 15 years I might as well use them all.”

London based multi-talent Minx is an actress, rapper and singer-songwriter. Back home in London whilst studying for an MA in songwriting she met composer, classical pianist and producer William Harisson, better known as Dusal. Will was a musical prodigy from the age of 5, awarded a piano scholarship at Wells Cathedral school, winning several international piano competitions and competed twice in the BBC young musician competition. He then graduated from Durham University with a BA in music and went on to study an MA in Music production at Tileyard, where he met Minx. Delivering a wealth of contrasting yet surprisingly complimentary talent, the duo forge a fresh sound that deserves all of your attention.

Listen below: