PREMIERE: MULIMBA’s powerful new track and video ‘Here I Go’

Boasting gravity-defying vocals, pulsating rhythms, and beautifully layered vocals, ‘Here I Go’ is an impactful, alternative anthem for the modern age. The soundtrack to a dystopian future or purposeful march to freedom, MULIMBA’s musical power is undeniable. The single is met with a star-studded visual which includes Tom Grennan, Karim Zeroual, and more.

Speaking about the new release, MULIMBA shares:

Here I Go is a tune we wrote during the Black Lives Matter protests in London. It’s weird because I was struggling with my own sense of weakness at the time, and the protests really lifted me up, so the song sort of hits both those nails at the same time. It’s about how we treat each other, and how we treat ourselves. Sometimes when you’re struggling it can help to have like-minded people or your loved ones around you to remind you just how strong you are and that’s what we wanted to capture in the video as well.” 

MULIMBA has quickly risen through the musical ranks and it’s not hard to see why with major tastemakers having already got on board with his high-energy yet enigmatic sound.