[PREMIERE] Samantha Leah releases euphoric track ‘fly with you’ with producer Broman Dude | New Music - Music Crowns

[PREMIERE] Samantha Leah releases euphoric track ‘fly with you’ with producer Broman Dude

Rising singer-songwriter Samantha Leah has unveiled her euphoric new single ‘fly with you’, produced by Broman Dude. Blending pop with EDM influences and R&B vocals, the track sees Samantha’s breezy melodies wrap around shimmering guitar melodies and dynamic beats, as the dreamy verses build towards a punchy electronic hook.

Revealing the meaning behind the song, Samantha explains: ‘fly with you’ is about the desire to travel the world with a lover. I think a lot of people have had this feeling. I, myself, have traveled a lot alone, which has been an AMAZING thing, but I think there comes a point where we begin to crave the experience of sharing this beauty with our “other half.” At least, that is what I am now feeling in my life. I feel that ‘fly with you’ represents a sort of “coming of age” story, where we mature enough to “settle down,” but this is a different type of settling down. It’s more like: “I have spent enough time alone or enough time indulging in meaningless flings. I’m not quite ready to buy a house, get married, and have kids (I don’t know if I will ever be), but I do know that I am ready to experience this wonderful planet alongside my true love.” I think a lot of people resonate with this feeling of wanting to experience pure freedom with their partner.”

Hailing from NYC, Samantha Leah brings a new and vibrant energy into the music scene, as a divinely inspired, genre-bending lyricist and vocalist. She grew up performing in musical theatre shows, while simultaneously dipping her toes into the R&B world. Samantha Leah is devoted to expressing herself unapologetically and encouraging others to do the same.


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