PREMIERE: Sarah and the Sundays arrive with lyric video for ‘Take Your Time’

There’s something intrinsically unique about indie-rock group Sarah and the Sundays. A 5-piece band of college dropouts that now call Austin, Texas home, Sarah and the Sundays have been described as a group that makes music for two a good time — whether it be through their impromptu gigs in their own home, playing live gigs around America, or just in a quirky TikTok that naturally went viral. Today, they release their new lyric video for their song “Take Your Time” pulled from their recently released EP “Half Way Home” and premiering today on Music Crowns.

“It’s a song that originated in Liam’s attempt to quit cigarettes,” the band states when asked about the inspiration behind the track. “It expanded to represent the overall theme of giving up bad habits and wishing you could get back time you spent on something regrettable.” The nostalgic video looks as if it could be an advertisement in the 90s — complete with cartoon imagery of clocks and lungs and, of course, a cigarette (or three) that are juxtaposed with grainy, gritty aesthetics.

Although the track might be about the struggle of giving up toxic habits and regretting spending time on bad patterns, the song sounds anything but negative — tinged with intricate riffs and melodic hooks & paired with their signature tongue-in-cheek but deeply universal and relatable lyrics. Aptly titled “Take Your Time” is a spin on what could be a difficult experience for someone and making it into something that at least sounds positive; the band is reminding us that even if it’s awful right now, just take your time and it’ll all be okay. If you close your eyes and listen, the effervescent track brings you right back to those larger-than-life & electric 500 capacity gigs that are typically dripping with sweat by the end because everyone just couldn’t help but party.

As the world slowly gets back to normal, Sarah and the Sundays are gearing up for their biggest fall yet which we can hope will not only include even more music to party to, but some live gigs for us all to check out ASAP.