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Premiere: SOACH contrasts dark and light in his brooding debut ‘Silo’

SOACH has unveiled his genre-bending debut single, ‘Silo‘.

Silo‘ is a moody cut packed with SOACH’s melody-driven synth lines and brooding vocals. Blending alt-pop and R&B, the Leicester-based artist channels his experimental nature and curiosity into a moorishly dark offering that focuses on the themes of melancholy, betrayal. Tune in to ‘Silo‘ below.

Speaking about the new track the mysterious newcomer explains: “This record is about a situation in which feelings and actions toward somebody are not reciprocated, where this metaphorical island representing love, safety and escape is offered, but denied, and then the realisation of the desire to rather be alone or in ‘silo’.

He continued, “The inspiration for the concept and title came from the term ‘Silo Mentality’ – a business phrase and damaging mindset that describes working in isolation. I thought it could be quite interesting to explore this and place it within the emotional context of relationships (or lack thereof) to represent isolation and loneliness.

SOACH’s forthcoming EP, Bad Summer, is due for release later this year.


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