PREMIERE: Steady Rollin release new music video for ‘Call Me By 2’

Blues Rock giants Steady Rollin release the captivating new visuals for track ‘Call Me By 2’. Sounding somewhere between the likes of Cream, The Who and The Rolling Stones, the versatility of Steady Rollin’s music is refreshing and innovative. With recent release ‘You’re Mystical’ featuring dance icon producer Elyse Rich, the outfit aren’t afraid to cross genre boundaries with their music. Using their music to express experiences or situations to inspire thousands across the globe, the band already have over 78,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Captivating the world and holding it in the palm of their hands, the world is simply their oyster.

With the visuals featuring some brilliant footage of the band performing live, the music video walks alongside the powerful single hand in hand. Shining a nostalgic sound throughout the release, if you’re into Blues rock with a tinge of folk songwriting, jump straight into Steady Rollin’s discography, you won’t be disappointed. With the album featuring 10 tracks which tells love-related stories from real-life experiences in the band, ‘Call Me By 2’ is a poetic number that fuses yesteryear with tomorrow to create a powerful authentic sound.