PREMIERE: Zane Coppard releases his otherworldly new album ‘A Solar Flair’

Taking listeners into an otherworldly realm, Zane Coppard reveals his unique new album ‘A Solar Flair’ alongside a YouTube short. Centered around haunting electronic textures and profound lyrics, Zane presents a genre-defying, alternative soundscape on this 12 track project. The multitalented musician explores themes of self-reflection on this emotionally charged record, offering something unlike anything else on the market. 

Speaking of his new release, Zane revealed: “Where to begin. Living in a material world unavoidably involves experiencing pain. I mean log on to socials for instance. ‘A Solar Flair’ was inspired by the urge to have a more healthy relationship with the world. I cannot determine what will happen to me but I can influence how I react. The notion of living a life from the lens of spiritual detachment was brought on by becoming familiar with the simple yet profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a text I was introduced to in my childhood and read during lockdown. It struck a chord how living honestly can seem so simple. I do believe it starts with you. Each person you speak to throughout the day, treat them with respect and patience. If everyone did that the world would be a different place. Did I succeed with ‘A Solar Flair’ in becoming a more well adjusted person? It’s up to you, the listener, to decide. Thank you for taking the time to listen. It means the world.”

Since he began releasing music in 2018, Zane has shown many sides to his musical skill through his various singles, remixes and intricate projects, and has made a triumphant return with ‘A Solar Flair’. With an abundance of authenticity and an infectious passion for his craft, Zane is certainly one to keep on your radar.

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