Presenting Graffick’s stunning fourth studio album ‘Spectra’

Hailing from San Diego, music producer, DJ, and academic Graffick is back with his fourth LP, Spectra. Inspired by Bonobo, Four Tet, and Max Cooper, Graffick, aka Blaine Counter, began honing his audio production skills in his early years, and this album reflects those endeavors.

Twisting and turning through eleven tracks, Graffick explains, “The concept behind Spectra is that our life experiences exist on a spectrum and that our perception of these events defines how we each see the world.”

Written over three years, tracks like ‘Saw You There Again’, ‘Sushi Rice’, and the album’s namesake stand out and take you on a journey that shifts from ethereal to all-encompassing.

Graffick takes influence sonically and relies on illustrative art as a muse – something that comes to the fore via Graffick’s artwork.

Over the last eight years, Graffick has put out three albums, four EPs, and many singles, consistently developing his sound into the immersive atmosphere it embodies now.