PRiiCE share their edgy new genre-defying track, ‘Kingsize’

PRiiCE open up their latest track ‘Kingsize’ with their vocals providing the rhythm and the atmosphere, boosted by a double-bass riff and organic kick beat. The track builds to a euphoric end, full to the brim with distorted instrumentation and vocals, giving ‘Kingsize’ powerful closure and a grand finale. PRiiCE’s sound is unlike any other, with unique blends of alt-pop, hip-hop and electro-pop. An edgy earworm, PRiiCE have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Talking about the new release, PRiiCE share: “Kingsize, similarly to our debut single Sunflower, is the result of one day’s work and a hard drive mishap. We sat on the song for a good while but we kept on coming back and back to it. For us, it feels like a really good and raw expression of what we’re trying to make as PRiiCE.”