Prismia unleashes raw emotion and unfiltered energy in ‘Don’t Look!’

Seattle-based alt-rock artist Prismia, led by the multifaceted talent of songwriter, producer, drummer, and lead vocalist Anna Mariko Seymour, delivers a hard-hitting sonic experience with their latest single, “Don’t Look!”

In this electrifying track, Prismia invites listeners into a world of uncomfortable vulnerability, exploring the pressures of maintaining appearances amidst life’s challenges. “Don’t Look!” delves into the societal expectations of projecting a flawless image while navigating personal turmoil, echoing the internal struggle to avoid appearing ‘messy’ in a world of curated perfection.

Backed by a powerhouse arrangement of distorted guitar lines, driving drum beats, and piercing synths, Prismia’s impassioned vocal performance takes centre stage, driving home the message with raw emotion and unfiltered energy. The music mirrors the thematic intensity of the track, with a punchy chorus punctuated by Prismia’s punk-infused exclamations of “Don’t Look!” and crescendoing verses that build in intensity, reflecting the frustration and angst of the narrative.

As Prismia gears up for the future with new music on the horizon and the promise of live performances to come, “Don’t Look!” serves as a bold statement of artistic authenticity and a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in the alt-rock genre. With their distinctive sound and compelling storytelling, Prismia is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene in 2024 and beyond.