‘Pupil’s War’ mesmerizes with the unique vocals of Benjamin Haycock alongside verses that flow like a raging river

Benjamin Haycock blends melodic, percussive and fingerstyle guitar with honest, personal and accomplished lyricism that is up there with the best.

He laces this with incredibly tight rap flows and raw, emotive and powerful singing vocals.

This is all interwoven to create a truly unique sound with strong character that derives from his personal experiences growing up in inner city Birmingham and later Devon, UK.

In 2021, Benjamin appeared on The Voice UK and astounded the coaches by doing an emotional rendition of his original song ‘Restlessness’ that he wrote as a letter to his late Father.

Suffice to say, all four of the coaches turned around. He subsequently released ‘Restlessness’ as a single, which topped the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. He followed up this success by releasing his second EP ‘Enigma’s Quay’, which followed suit.

After this period of success, Benjamin subsequently partnered with Australian guitar company Maton and became one of their prestigious artists and global ambassadors. Some names on their roster include the likes of John Butler, Tash Sultana, Josh Homme, Keith Urban and Neil Finn.

Benjamin finished the year with his single ‘Force for Nature’ which he released in collaboration with The Tree Council’s environmental campaign ‘Be a Force for Nature’.

The music video premiered to over 1,000 schools, with the song later featuring within the prestigious NOTION magazine.

Subsequently, Benjamin was commissioned to produce a musical composition for a film which was displayed at the COP26 Climate conference in Glasgow.

He finished the year with 2.1 million Spotify streams, and over 200,000 listeners.

Benjamin has started 2022 strong, with the release of his singles ‘Homeless Winters’ and ‘Pupil’s War’.

‘Pupil’s War’ mesmerizes with the unique vocals of Benjamin Haycock alongside verses that flow like a raging river alongside powerful and thought provoking visuals.

The lyrics of the song are both bittersweet but also powerful as the footage in the accompanying music video.

Both songs have such incredibly powerful music videos that were directed and shot by Jon Pears, who has worked on some of the biggest projects in Hollywood with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler.

The videos truly do move you just as much as Benjamin’s music does!