R.E.M. share unreleased demo 'Devil Rides Backwards' from Automatic From The People sessions

R.E.M. share unreleased demo ‘Devil Rides Backwards’ from Automatic From The People sessions

R.E.M.‘s 1992 album Automatic For The People was a landmark in pop rock history, so it’s no surprise that the album is seeing a deluxe remaster and reissue for the celebration of its 25th anniversary. Perhaps what is surprising is that there are still unheard songs from the same time that the album was written and recorded; tracks that have become part of the mythology of the album, but never actually heard by fans – until now.

Today the band has shared ‘Devil Rides Backwards‘, which is being called a demo, but sounds just as pristine and timeless as anything else on Automatic For The People. It’s a real treat to hear a new song from a classic band, written at the height of their pomp. ‘Devil Rides Backwards‘ happily draws from the same well of beauty and emotiveness as the best of R.E.M.’s work, with their delicate melodicism coming through in spades through the central acoustic guitar and Michael Stipe‘s voice, as well as the lovely bass and subtle organ. Listen to ‘Devil Rides Backwards‘ below.

The reissue of Automatic For The People comes out on 10th November and will be the first commercial release in Dolby Atmos. It will be available on 4-disc edition, with 20 never-heard-before demos or 2-discs, both of which come with a live CD of R.E.M.’s only performance in 1992 in their home town of Athens, Georgia; Live At The 40 Watt Club 11/19/92.

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