‘Radio Days’ is the beautiful new single from veteran singer-songwriter Tommy Keyes

Tommy Keyes explains the start of his musical journey “I won a cassette tape recorder as a prize in a competition at school. They weren’t long on the market and I’d never seen one before. I soon discovered how to connect it to the radio. Now, as well as listening to the chart hits and the new releases, I could record my favourites and learn to play them by ear on the piano. The natural progression was to take the chords and rhythms and turn them into songs of my own. And so it began…..”

‘Radio Days’ shines with melodic smoothness thanks to the soulful tones of the saxophone, beautiful piano notes and wonderful vocal harmonies.

The guitar riffs are out of this world as the track showcases an impressive array of talented musicians.

Tommy Keyes (piano / vocals), Dick Farrelly (guitar / bass), Gerard Farrelly (drums), Richie Buckley (sax), Thomas Walsh, Sinéad Stone and Ellen O’Mahony (backing vocals), Áine Gallagher and Aisling Bridgeman (violins), Suzanne Anglim (viola) and Rob Campbell (cello).

The song is also the title track of his 6th album which will be released in the autumn.