RAGS AND RICHES photo courtesy of Cage Riot.

Meet RAGS AND RICHES, an alternative pop duo comprised of two brothers, Tanner and Peyton Whitt. They hail from Kentucky and are on a mission to inspire a generation of dreamers through their music. Their latest release, “Wisdom,” is a clear Alt-pop masterpiece.  They created an electrifying atmosphere, leaving you feeling empowered and motivated. This track is a testament to the power of hope during challenging times, and despite rewriting it three time, the Tanner and Peyton persevered until they knew they had something truly special.

Tanner and Peyton are set to inspire thousands of people with their music in 2024. They have multiple shows lined up, which include Lovin’ Life Music Fest and Backwoods Music Festival. Because of their recent success is has earned them stages to perform alongside renowned artists, and their talents will also be shared with U.S. Military Bases all over the world and at various colleges and universities until May 2025.

The musical duo has accomplished remarkable success within a span of just four years. Their unique sound has revolutionised the style of alternative pop and served as a source of inspiration for their fans. They have been honoured with several awards, such as the prestigious Josie Music Award for Pop Artist of the Year, and have shared stages with renowned artists across the country. Their debut album “Always Gold” and 8-track EP “I NEED A HOLIDAY” were instant hits, garnering millions of streams within the first week of their release. Their music has touched the hearts of millions of people, and they continue to positively impact the music industry.