Raleigh, North Carolina-based rapper JIRI shares candid thoughts in his new single “Offended”

JIRI releases his new single ‘Offended’ (produced by Stoic). Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, JIRI focuses on creating songs with vulnerable, but relatable lyrics. Though making music has been a hobby since early high school, JIRI has recently decided to take it seriously and enjoy the potential journey ahead.

Breathing new life into the scene through marrying crisp rhythms over stellar production, JIRI’s flows are hard-hitting, honest, and one of a kind. ‘‘Offended’ focuses on the annoyances I’ve been experiencing, early in my music journey, while also reasserting my confidence in rapping ability. The song calls out people that follow waves/trends for clout, overhyped rappers, and spectators judging the moves and effort of people actually putting the time in. The song also expresses my fatigue with trying to share creativity and opportunities with people that don’t want to put effort into things. The instrumental pushes for an on your feet listening experience that shines with unique elements to avoid repetition”. JIRI explains.