Rediisin reveals experimental track ‘There’s Somewhere Else’

Rising artist Rediisin has shared his brand new quirky gem ‘There’s Somewhere Else’, filled with easy breezy vibes and a whole lot of personality. Driven by an infectious groove, the genre blending track is one that will catch your attention immediately, as Rediisin delves into sounds of indie, shoe-gaze and psych pop. 

Rediisin explains his new single “is a passion project that started very differently than how I normally write music. I normally start music with a beat and start to spit on top of it similar to how hip-hop artists write music. There’s Somewhere Else started as a musical piece, something composed rather than improvised.”

He further noted, “The song is about the feeling of not fitting in when in public. Specifically, this one moment where I was dancing by myself at a club and minding my own business, but told off because of the way I dance. It sparked “There’s Somewhere Else” because it really let me know that I didn’t belong there, but there was somewhere else I know I belong. The song uses “you” a lot referring to the dance floor haha.”

Take a listen to the catchy record here.