Ridge Runners Release Rock Anthem for the People ‘The Rest of Us’

Ridge Runner’s latest single, ‘The Rest of Us,’ isn’t just a step forward—it’s a full-blown leap into rock stardom. In this track, the band ditches any pretense, diving headfirst into their rock roots with a fervor that’s palpable from the first note. ‘The Rest of Us’ is a no-holds-barred rock & roll experience, filled with pounding drums, gritty, overdriven guitars, rich organ textures, and a commanding vocal performance that demands attention.

From the outset, the band explodes with energy, leaving no room for a slow build. They are loud, assured, and clearly on a mission. Coleman Rigg’s lyrics cut to the core, tackling weighty topics like divisive politics, the military-industrial complex, shallow entertainment, dubious corporate practices, and ineffective leadership. His delivery is both potent and heartfelt, echoing the resolve of rock icons like John Fogerty and the modern edge of Sam Fender. Despite the critical lens, Rigg finds a thread of hope and optimism in the resilience of the people, the same force that built the USA.

Rigg explains the song’s inspiration: “Like many others, I’ve spent the last several years shaking my head and feeling discouraged by the news cycle. After a while, I realized that we always find ways to endure despite it all… I attribute this to the strength of the people. We support our leaders by going to work, paying taxes, going to fight their wars, raising good families for the next generation, and in a million other ways. While politics, business, and media get all of the attention, the spirit of the people is the unsung hero that keeps us going. This song is an ode to those who persist against all odds… the rest of us.”

The song’s production further amplifies its impact. Recorded as a live take, it captures the raw, unfiltered energy of the band playing together. The recording process, spearheaded by Philadelphia music powerhouse Barney Cortez at his studio, The Church, encapsulates the essence of Ridge Runner’s sound. Longtime collaborator Matt Poirier, known for his work with The National and Restorations, mixed and mastered the track, ensuring its polished yet powerful finish.

Ridge Runner, hailing from the heart of Philadelphia, have been a vibrant presence in the local music scene since their debut in 2020 with the hit single ‘Too Close.’ Known for their electrifying performances and heartfelt lyrics, the band has built a significant following, evidenced by their sold-out shows and evolving discography. Their sound, a unique blend of classic rock spirit and modern indie flair, is showcased in their ten singles and two albums, ‘Coleman Rigg & The Ridge Runners’ and ‘A Place I Never Thought I’d Be.’

Frontman Coleman Rigg, alongside Zach Kaeser (guitar), Brett Harder (keys), John Kaeser (drums), and Kevin McCall (bass), draws inspiration from legends like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, while also channeling the edgy vibes of Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks. Their music is a testament to their ethos: authenticity, hard work, and a deep love for rock music.

Ridge Runner’s ‘The Rest of Us’ solidifies their place as a mainstay in the Philly rock scene, proving that they are not just finding their footing but are ready to lead the charge. This single is a powerful statement from a band that is just getting started, and it’s clear that their journey is one to watch.

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