Rising duo Carly & Martina drop new alt-pop gem ‘heartbreak’

Producer-writer duo Carly & Martina return with their new single ‘heartbreak’, offering lush vocals and gliding melodies. The track brings shimmering alt-pop production with a nostalgic edge, as gritty bass riffs and flickering beats accompany the poetic lyricism about the vulnerability of being in love. Released today via LAB Records, ‘heartbreak’ is the latest exhibition of Carly & Martina’s huge potential.   

Speaking of their new release, the duo reveals: “‘heartbreak’ is about loving someone so much that you realize how much you have to lose.  It’s about that moment when you look at someone and realize that if this doesn’t work, this is going to be the worst heartbreak of your life.”

Hailing from Chicago, twins Carly & Martina have been championed by American Songwriter, Ones To Watch and have placed on key editorial playlists with Spotify, shazam and Apple. Undeniably on route to success, their journey has been accelerated by notable syncs via the likes of HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and an Emmy nominated Apple TV show, as well as scoring a national ad for TJ Maxx. Set for big things, we can’t wait to hear more from this promising duo.