Rising pop artist lleo returns with upbeat new single ‘Hollywood’

Rising artist lleo is making a name for themselves with their self-coined brand of ‘bi-polar pop’, and new single ‘Hollywood’ takes lleo’s sound to even greater heights. With addictive melodies and quirky electronic textures, this new track provides upbeat rhythms and buoyant bass lines as lleo sings about the twisted nature of celebrity culture. 

Speaking about the new track, lleo reveals: I feel like so many people in Hollywood are so screwed up, but we still aspire to be a part of it. We hear all these stories about messy court cases, horrible relationships, and exploitation, and it’s so messed up – the whole thing is horrible, but we still want a piece of it. Hollywood is basically a tune about how celebrity culture has a very dark side, but we don’t care – we just keep consuming it and feeding the monster.”

Crafting an unforgettable sound, lleo’s brand is built on bold and bright pop production with underlying sadness presented through bitingly honest lyricism. Their music has been played on Elton John’s Apple 1 Radio show, selected by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders as the ‘Next Wave’ and been consistently supported by Spotify’s editorial team, making it undeniable that lleo is en route towards big things.