Rising Singer-Songwriter Kristen Knight Has Released Her Latest Single ‘B2U’

Rising singer-songwriter Kristen Knight has released her latest single ‘B2U’on 28th April. Kristen describes the style of her latest single as 90’s break up pop/dance. ‘B2U’ is a break up song about being trapped in the cycle of toxic relationships which is written from Kristen’s personal experiences from her youth.

‘B2U’ is a catchy pop tune that combines elements of dance and pop. The song features Kristen’s clean vocals on top of melodic synths and an upbeat drum rhythm. The catchy lyrics within the song emphasise the typical break up theme of the track, “I can’t see myself running back to you”.

Kristen was born and raised in Miami and spent a lot of her childhood surrounded by music which has heavily inspired her musical career, which she started as a show girl performing on stage with the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Sean Paul and P.Diddy. She first fell in love with electronic music and originally started performing as a tech house DJ all around the world.

Alongside the single, Kristen has released a music video for ‘B2U’. The music video was shot in Miami and was visually inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s action movies. The video features Kristen getting her revenge against past lovers, showing her raw and intense feelings towards these people. Visually, the music video is a perfect representation of Kristen’s passionate emotions, particularly the beginning scene which shows the negative effect of a toxic relationship and her hiding these feelings and putting on a show throughout the rest of the video.

‘B2U’ Official Music Video is out on YouTube now!