Robert Harley Teases Album and Releases Single ‘Big Tree’

Robert Harley is an Irish singer-songwriter; with a twist. Contemporary production styles, clever lyricism and unique arrangements are some of what make up the sound, but (having had a sneak listen to the album) it’s his ability to invite you back for more with varying styles that’s most intriguing.

Having been born across the sea in London and moving to San Francisco some five years later, Harley didn’t have a traditional upbringing. However, like a lot of great songwriters and authors (the beat generation comes to mind), travel has clearly been an inspiration for the artist as he recalls street performers and blues in the US before ultimately moving back to Cork, Ireland.

Now on the cusp of his first debut album, but with plenty of previous musical experience, the long awaited ‘Big Tree’ comes out today giving us but-a-taste of what’s to come.

On the title-track, Harley says:

“Big Tree reminds us that sometimes the best escape from life’s pressures is found in the simplicity of nature. Like a child perched high in a tree, we can forget our troubles and find solace in the beauty of the world around us. Big Tree captures the essence of childhood escape and the powerful connection we have with nature. This soulful and introspective song reminds us that sometimes it takes a quiet moment in a tree to gain perspective on life’s struggles and find the strength to move forward.”

We love the album and will be watching out for what’s to come from Robert. Be sure to check it out on Spotify below and give it a share.