Rock band Voodoo Bloo releases eclectic sophomore album ‘The Blessed Ghost’

New Zealand Rock band Voodoo Bloo release their 12-track sophomore album ‘The Blessed Ghost’. Following on from debut album ‘Jacobus’ along with a slew of single releases that’s seen praises across both hemispheres, the Wellington-based Rock outfit is back with their most ambitious offering yet.

The Blessed Ghost centres around themes of self-discovery, love interests and confronting your own demons all via a fictional character represented throughout the album acting as a vice for the band’s own personal experiences. Frontman Rory McDonald explains further “As the writing progressed I realised something quite odd. This fictional person was just everything that I did not like about myself, in all ways shapes and forms I’d started to write about my own demons and they were glaring at me, and that’s when I finally figured out what The Blessed Ghost was,”.

A cocktail of tracks ranging from Indie-Rock bangers to hard-hitting Alt-Rock along with a touch of Grunge for good measure, The Blessed Ghost showcases the band’s versatility as they develop their sound. Previously released singles include ‘Small’, ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’, with Pursuit, the stand out track being tied in with the album’s release. ‘Pursuit’ is described by Rory as “One of the most grandiose tracks we’ve ever recorded, I think the soundscapes that we try to take you through for the six minutes of ‘Pursuit’ is really a testament to how far we’ve come from the first record. “This song represents how your dreams can turn into nightmares if you spend too long in the clouds.” Watch in the coming weeks for an accompanying video for the single.

The Blessed Ghost explores the range of the band’s music repertoire, with each track showing a different side of the band. Having grown up in Sheffield (UK) before emigrating to NZ Rory takes influences from the thriving Sheffield music scene, blending influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Bring Me The Horizon with the alternative scene in New Zealand.