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Ronjo V release new track ‘Find Me Out’

Ronjo V, the project of Texas-based singer and songwriter Ryan Joseph, has unveiled his first single in over four years, ‘Find Me Out’.

In a series of firsts, ‘Find Me Out’ is the first single from a new, forthcoming project, and the first musical release since EP Ronjoism, released in 2015.

‘Find Me Out’ refuses to restrict itself to any one genre – with pop, indie-rock, blues and even a hint of country all getting a look-in. Although it may appear an amalgamated and confusing blend of sounds on paper, in the hands of Ronjo V, it becomes an impressive and intentionally understated delight.

The track kicks off with country-laden guitar licks and upbeat drums before Joseph jumps in to command the listener’s undivided attention with his smooth, indie-esque vocal stylings.

A succinct and addictive pre-chorus is where the track is at its most pop-like. Things then switch-up once more with the chorus – one that is reminiscent of any number of classic alt-rock anthems of yesteryear. This chorus manages to pull the song’s pace back slightly without losing any of the previously built-up energy and momentum.

The final third is punctuated with a short-but-sweet bluesy guitar solo that serves as a seamless bridge to the track’s close.

Refreshing and original, ‘Find Me Out’ marks a welcome and overdue return to music for Ronjo V.

Listen to ‘Find Me Out’ below.

‘Find Me Out’ is available to stream and download on Spotify.

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