Saadin Dassum drops new single ‘Tomorrow’

Having already cemented himself as a thought-provoking artist on the rise right now, US singer-songwriter Saadin Dassum returns once again to unveil his vibrant new single ‘Tomorrow’.

Accompanied by a bright and airy animated video, ‘Tomorrow’ sees him find the joyous side within modern life and relationships. Filled with warm and shimmering aesthetics alongside his heartfelt vocals throughout, he has once again looked to raise our spirits through a sweet and uplifting pop-rock lens.

Speaking about the new single, Saadin added, “One day mid-quarantine in 2020, an impossible vision came to me. I was in Miami’s miracle mile, but it was cold for some reason. So cold, I was wearing winter jacket and boots. I look to my left and there she is sporting some gloves, a fuzzy coat, and one of those hats that resembles a cheese cylinder. She’s holding my hand, and we laugh about something dumb. I look into her beautiful eyes, and without a word, I know that she loves me. And she knows I do her. Time doesn’t matter as long as we’re with each other. For the first time ever, tomorrow is perfect.”

Check out the stunning new video for ‘Tomorrow’ below.