SACHA Releases Captivating Live Performance Video for “Nothing Else”

SACHA, the Paris-based musical project of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Sacha Arnaud, has unveiled a mesmerizing live performance video for his celestial track, “Nothing Else.” This release, part of his debut EP *CHANGE OF HEART*, marks a pivotal moment in SACHA’s career as he embarks on a journey toward authenticity, exploring themes of family and identity.

SACHA, formerly known as Johnny Longlegs, has spent years creating and touring with various artists and bands in the vibrant music scenes of Berlin and Paris. Now, with his solo project, he is set to captivate audiences with his heartfelt and introspective music. In anticipation of his upcoming EP, SACHA has released two live performance videos of songs previously written under his former moniker. These videos are unique, as they were filmed in one continuous shot without any edits, using analog camera lenses on a digital camera, thanks to the skilled direction of Reuben Bocobza.

“Nothing Else” is a deeply personal song that reflects a time when SACHA was living a nomadic lifestyle, without a permanent home. He shares, “I was free-flowing, moving from city to city on tour, working on music, or just visiting friends and family. It was an incredible experience, but it also shed a lot of light on how lonely I feel a lot of the time and for that, this song is precious to me.” The track features gentle plucky guitars that harmonize beautifully with SACHA’s velvet vocals, creating a simple yet ethereal soundscape. The spine-tingling harmonies further elevate the song, making it a celestial release that resonates deeply with listeners.

The second live performance video is for the song “Flowers,” a love story inspired by a fleeting connection in California just before the pandemic. SACHA explains, “We only hung out a few times in L.A, had a couple of dates, and we never saw each other again after that.” The song captures the intense feelings of love, the magic of new connections, and the subsequent fall back to reality. “Flowers” is a heartwarming track with raw and romantic lyrics that float delicately over organic instrumentation, radiating warmth and tenderness.

*CHANGE OF HEART* is set to release later this year, promising more of SACHA’s soulful and introspective music. As he delves into his new chapter, fans can expect a profound exploration of themes that are close to his heart. Stay tuned for more from SACHA as he continues to share his musical journey.

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Watch the live performance of “Nothing Else” here: