Sam Huber goes one-on-one with Sam Huber for new video, ‘I’m Blind’

‘I’m Blind’, the second video and single from Sam Huber’s new album, SCREAM, is confrontational on a very personal level. With only a mirror for company (and rather uncomfortable company at that), he takes a funk-rock ride through self-examination and internal conflict.

“It’s like being blind to your darkside,” he explains. “Blind to your own hate and aggression. You blame other people and then you’re blind to your own mistakes.”

Jarring at times, yet always locked into a driving groove, the song’s propulsive riff and chorus hammer home the point, perfectly underscoring the visuals in a way that almost recalls Dali’s ‘Premonition Of Civil War.’ The stress of tearing one’s self apart manifests beyond the internal and rears its ugly head in the real world as well, as Huber notes how the song is also about external conflict.

“There are times in a relationship where you lose sight of things. How you can be blind in your own world fighting and screaming all the time. An outsider can see it, but when you’re in it you’re blind to it.”