Sam Stokes releases poetic solo album ‘Common Ground’

Self-produced and multi-talented songwriter Sam Stokes utilises her creative freedom to tell beautifully penned, relatable tales through innovative and unique storytelling.

Her latest release ‘Common Ground’ arrives as her anticipated first solo album, after a year of teasing fans with eclectic singles. Sam Stokes’ performance-driven writing is present throughout the project, whether she brings just vocals and acoustic guitar, or a more expansive arrangement, it’s always rooted in engaging the listener. Across twelve tracks, audiences are given an insight into Sam’s abilities like never before, her passionate, reserved and poignant vocals share vulnerable and confident observations. ‘Common Ground’ is poetic, original and an exploration of performance.

Sam explains her love for music, sharing, “My entire commitment in this lifetime is to share love, light and hope through music and art so that our planet and our humanity may be the best it has ever been. I view music as a form of servitude and I hope that in every song that comes through me and every performance, I am able to give someone just a little bit more love in their life.”

‘Common Ground’ is out now, check it out below!