Samantha Gibb Sings With Empowering Conviction on ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

Reflecting on growing up and the mistakes of her past, Samantha Gibb is unapologetic and self-assured on her newest alt-indie release.

With sass, spunk and candid reflection, Samantha Gibb’s ‘Sorry, Not Sorry”’provides listeners with the very real pretense of sifting through the past while attempting to learn from it. Finding stability after a tumultuous past, the alt-indie artist sings unapologetically about the mistakes of her past and how they’ve helped her grow. “‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is a song about growing up and growing apart from a relationship that might not have been good for you, but how ultimately the experience helped you grow,” she explains. Versatile in essence, Gibb explains that the track is personally about the relationship she has with her hometown of Miami Beach, FL.