Samuel Evanson releases his highly anticipated debut album, ‘We Are Meant To Break The Rules’.

Samuel Evanson is set to release his highly anticipated debut album, ‘We Are Meant To Break The Rules.’ This project marks a significant milestone in Evanson’s burgeoning career as an indie-pop songwriter. Known for his emotive lyrics and soaring vocals, Evanson’s new album offers a compelling mix of introspection and infectious energy. Compared to his earlier work, this album delves deeper into his personal experiences, showcasing a maturity and depth that set it apart. The album’s seven tracks feature crisp drum rhythms and raw, bright guitar tones that swirl around Evanson’s pensive lead vocals, creating an atmosphere of optimism and unbridled passion.

Reflecting on the album, Evanson mentions how the core theme of the album is focused on finding strength after battling the highs and lows of life. He elaborates, “For some of the album, I talk about the worst times of my life, and for others, I talk about the best. Even looking back at the worst times made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Samuel Evanson’s journey into music began in Wales, where he developed his passion for songwriting and performing. His first taste of viral success came in 2016, with a cover posted on Facebook that received significant attention.
The following year, he performed live on BBC One, raising money for BBC Children in Need, and won several local awards. The new album has already received praise from RGM Magazine for its emotive lyrical themes and Evanson’s powerful voice. His emergence as a fresh indie-pop songwriter has been supported by industry insiders and featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds UK and IE. As he continues to make waves, Samuel Evanson’s debut album is poised to solidify his place in the music world.

Listen to ‘We Are Meant To Break The Rules’ below!