Sano Hill releases reflective new single ‘Time Out’

Sano Hill is an artist who reaches past his influences, taking the retro capsule of music that he loves, and using it to navigate the modern scene, working through issues and life experience we see in our day to day life right now. Hill has received acclaim across his previously released singles, all showcasing a deep understanding of both music and life itself, and a talent for conveying it.

Sano Hill’s latest release is ‘Time Out’, a track that effortlessly showcases the musicians experience as both a guitarist and a vocalist. It’s a heartfelt single, with each line conveying boundless emotion, telling true to life stories. Acoustic-pop with a sprinkle of folky melancholy, it’s production is vibrant and pretty, grabbing you with sacred simplicity and then building into a full and bright finish. Electric guitars, synths pads, bass and a driving drum line are all brought into the mix, simultaneously making the listener reflective and optimistic.

Speaking on the new release, Sano says, “‘Time Out’ charts the story of a singer/songwriter trying to make a living and dreaming of success. Set in Galway city, I’ve tried to capture some of the colour and feel of the place, with references to experiences I’ve had, stories I’ve heard and places associated with the city. It starts out as I usually start out in terms of the composition of most of my songs with me and my guitar before bringing a full band arrangement to capture and reflect the hope of rock success in the future expressed in the song – the reference in the chorus ‘I could be a rockstar’ is somewhat mischievous however – I don’t seriously expect that to ever happen (hence the laughter on the track) but it’s fun to imagine it might! I was fortunate to collaborate with some incredible people on this and all the tracks on the forthcoming album, including the Irish producer Larry Hogan (who plays bass and lead guitar here), with final mixing and mastering completed by the brilliant engineer and producer Braddon Williams who has previously worked with some amazing artists, including Beyonce, Mark Ronson, Billy Joel, and The Script.”

‘Time Out’ is available now on, check it out below: