Sarah Hickey releases etheral new single “Doesn’t Fit”

Sarah Hickey has constantly been trying to improve her music and hone her craft over the past couple of years. She’s spent hours in the studio, played many venues across Ireland and now she’s ready to unveil all of her hard work. Sarah’s quietly restrained power as an emotional being shines through her lyrics and performances.

Her latest offering comes in the form of single “Doesn’t Fit.” Featuring playful drums, chorus-soaked guitars and emotionally-penned vocals, the track is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more. “Doesn’t Fit” is a textually diverse and immersive new single that will be sure to leave an impression.

Discussing the new track, Sarah shares:“The song ‘Doesn’t Fit’ is about feeling out of place and like nothing makes sense.  The chorus came to me when I sat down to write last Autumn and when I listened back some time later I wrote the verses.  They felt like a stream of consciousness so it felt very natural to write the song and when recording it with a band it fell together naturally too.  I recorded this song in a house by the sea in Cork last November with ‘Catalyst’.  They have been such a wonderful team to work with and I feel very close to the songs when recording.  The whole experience was really beautiful and I feel very lucky spending my time making music and working with other like minded people.  The cover art I painted for the song is a visual representation of the lyrical content and overall feel of the song.  I wanted to include vague and uncertain elements and a colour palette that matches the way I see the song.”

With her debut album on the horizon, we cannot wait to see where she’ll take this.