Savoy Explores Contrasts and Depth in New Album “Under”

Savoy, the Norwegian band comprising Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Lauren Savoy, and Frode Unneland, is back with their much-awaited seventh album, “Under”, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. Released worldwide through their own label Eleventeen Records, “Under” is a melodic exploration that seamlessly blends their West Coast experiences with their Norwegian heritage.

Following the success of their previous album, “See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown“, Savoy delivers ten mesmerizing tracks co-written by the talented duo, Paul and Lauren Savoy. Recorded across various locations including Los Angeles, Oslo, and New York, “Under” serves as a sonic canvas, capturing the essence of their diverse surroundings.

Diving into the album, listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions. Each track, from the ethereal tones of “Lonely Surfer” to the introspective depths of “Digital River”, offers a glimpse into the band’s evolving musical landscape. The album’s themes of love, hope, and introspection resonate deeply, reflecting both the sunny vistas of California and the rainy streets of Norway.

We wanted to encapsulate the contrasts of our experiences, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of California while paying homage to our Norwegian roots,” shares Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. ” ‘Under’ is a reflection of our current state, both personally and musically.

In essence, “Under” represents a significant evolution for Savoy as artists and storytellers. It showcases their ability to experiment with diverse influences and turn them into a cohesive musical narrative while staying true to their roots.

Make sure you check the music video for “Coming Down”: