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Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears releases solo record ‘Creep City’

Jake Shears, frontman of the Scissor Sisters, has shared his first track as a solo artist. The single, ‘Creep City‘, comes five years after the Scissor Sisters 2012 album Magic Hour.

In an email to fans, Shears said: “I’ve not put out much out the last five years — musically that is — other than a collaboration here or there,” he explained in the note. “There was a moment in time, that I really wasn’t interested in making a solo record. I found the notion a little cheesy. But I was talking with a friend one day and he said: ‘There’s no issue with you making a solo record– as long as it’s fantastic. I took that to heart.

The singer said that fans could hear more at his shows in New York City and London in Novemeber also alluded to upcoming projects: “My time hasn’t been spent just making music. I’ve also completed another labor of love that I’ll share details on shortly. AND will soon be announcing another way that we can spend a couple hours in a room together in a way that we’ve never done before. It’s the big ol’ slew of stuff.

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