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Seaker releases new track ‘Woven’

Following the release of ‘Fear’, a track that offered an introspective look at love and loss, Seaker has returned with an emotionally-charged and affecting new song, ‘Woven’.

For the track Seaker, real name Kiran Hungin, uses nature as her canvas to produce a personal and moving metaphorical tribute to the relationships in our life most important to us.

The themes present in ‘Woven’ are all at once broad and personal. Listeners will find resonance in the lyrics no matter how big or small the connection – whether that be through reflecting on a childhood friendship that has evolved into a lifelong bond, a familial relationship or anything in between.

Listen to ‘Woven’ here.

Seaker’s haunting, melodic vocals complement the subdued and ethereal soundscape perfectly, making for a listening experience quite unlike any other.

Of the track’s development and overall motif, Seaker said: “I didn’t write [Wander] to be released as it was a more personal thing, but as time went on, I felt I wanted to release it. I’ve shed quite a few tears over it and I’m very connected to [the track] now. It feels like it’s probably one of the most personal songs I’ve written. I always aim to be honest, so I want to share it.”

‘Woven’ is here as an audible reminder that no matter how much time passes, the relationships that are important to us remain steadfast in their existence.

Nicole Yamamoto

After graduating in Marketing and Media from Waseda University in Tokyo, Nicole made a temporary move to Toronto where she worked as a freelancer reporting in Japanese for Drake’s fashion label, OVO. After a brief stint back home in Australia, she moved to the UK in late 2018 where she has worked as a freelance translator and interpreter, before joining the Music Crowns team as a staff writer.

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