SENTO releases six-track electronica EP ‘Delirium’

Swiss-Norwegian artist SENTO has released his second EP, ‘Delirium’. The project has already seen acclaim with the teaser single ‘Impulse Control’ winning an award in the ‘Lyrics & Beats’ category at the Swiss Music Industry Summit, m4music. Across six tracks, SENTO welcomes listeners on a journey along the intersection of soul, electronica, jazz and funk, crafting distinctive, warming soundscapes across the project.

Up first is ‘Impulse Control’, with soft grooves providing an easy-going welcome into the natural feeling electronic sound design SENTO is known for. ‘Mind’, is another highlight, deepening the funk-fuelled presence with a short chorus moment between the vocals, bass and guitar. In the final number, SENTO fully embraces nu-disco house blends, with danceable, pounding drums and soaring synth pads rising and falling throughout.

SENTO explains, ”This record encapsulates a state that I feel not only I, but many other people of my generation experienced in these last couple of years after the pandemic; A constant shift between depression and euphoria, a feeling of transience that somehow feels tragical and relieving at the same time. I found the term “Delirium” to be quite matching for that state. The project also touches on personal topics such as addiction, vices, heartbreak, love and friendship.”

‘Delirium’ is out now…