Shayne Cook Paints a Haunting Picture with “Miles Away”


A determined stance powers Shayne Cook’s “Miles Away.” The song goes for a languid pacing, for the drums are muscular. Interplay amongst the band feels inspired. Lyricism has a poetry to it of a dry western twang. Drums go for the firm, with a great deal of volume. Word choice feels fantastic, for there is a classic cadence. Melodies have a sweetness to them, allowing for a tender tone to add to the engrossing spirit of the sound.

The song unfurls perfectly. He has his voice set the tone for what follows. Lots of it passes by in this glorious haze. Something dreamlike emerges out of the atmosphere. Allowing it the right amount of power seemingly washes over the listener. Every nook and cranny of the sound feels natural, vibrant, and truly appreciated. The evolution of the sound adds to this growth, an experience of discovery that feels just right. Lyrics perfectly mirror the buildup of the group, or vice-versa as it is hard to determine which part is leading. All that can be said is that there is a warmth to the surroundings, a kindness that stems right out of the song’s depths. With each reiteration of the cycles, it becomes a living, breathing organism. For the final stretch, everything comes together, adding to this sense of pure enlightenment in the song’s last moments.

“Miles Away” features Shayne Cook’s sheer strength of vision with a message of haunted beauty.