Short Wave Craft’s new single ‘I Need You Tonight’ overflows with soulful vibes and smooth melodies

Short Wave Craft are a musical duo, influenced by the soundscapes of classic film soundtracks, late 60s ‘wall of sound’ recordings, as well as post 70s disco and electronica.

The duo consists of legendary producer Dominic Owen (Biggie Smalls, Rakim, Seal, Anthony Hamilton, Lil Kim) and underground musician Tom Carr.

After a successful previous single and debut EP Short Wave Craft unveil ‘I Need You Tonight’, a modern trip hop anthem to strengthen the resolve of mankind after the recent battering of the last few millennia.

‘I Need You Tonight’ overflows with soulful vibes and smooth melodies.

The duo explains “It began at the height of lockdown. The song itself and its overriding melodies, are an anthemic cry out for human connection, in times of separation. We were inspired by the idea of infusing traditional trip-hop elements with sprinkles of soul, gospel, and blues.”

Despite the initial inspiration for the track, it has an absolutely positive direction, and the duo go on to explain “We purposely developed it around continuous movements towards crescendos throughout the music. We wanted it to sound iconic and expansive.

There are electronic components, though as always with Short Wave Craft all the main instruments are played live by real musicians.

We worked remotely between London and Bristol, sending parts back and forth until the musical narrative was established.

After digging up on old blues sample where the man in question calls out ‘I Need You Tonight’ it became immediately clear that this was the marching call that the music needed.

We then brought onboard a selection of female vocalists and gospel singers to create a ‘call and response’ platform, complementing his melody line. The fusion of ‘I Need You Tonight’ was complete.”